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Pacha's Pajamas

Pacha's Pajamas

Spring 2013 Music
Ages: 6 - 11 yrs.
CD Price: $12.99

Warning: While the first half of this original pop musical is highly engaging and well made, the CD stops with an abrupt non-ending that leaves listeners hanging, with no hint of what's to come in Volume 2 and only an estimated date for when Volume 2 will be released. That's disappointing because there's a great deal to like here. Not least the expertly crafted, tuneful messages of unity and the interconnectedness of all life performed by a notably appealing diverse, all-ages cast of actors and musicians (including hip-hop artists Mos Def and Talib Kweli, and actor Cheech Marin).

The story begins when Pacha, a little girl with a big imagination and a heart to match goes to sleep in her new "magical pajamas"—a homemade gift from Mom—and finds herself in the middle of a dream adventure involving all of nature, worried about what's happening to the oceans, the forests, the air and water. A host of animals, birds and insects, pebbles, trees and plants—including a hip mushroom (Marin)—agree to put on a "nature festival" where a multitude of creatures (minus the humans) and the Earth itself will "sing and dance as one" in hopes of uniting the universe to "change the tide" of planetary destruction. Pacha dons a "dancing gorilla" disguise to join in the festival where "the performers are as old as four billion years and as young as one day." News reports of the acts from the "BBCanenomes" are interspersed with uplifting musical messages. Among the highlights: the pop-rap title song ("Come on and raise your voice for Mama Earth...Come on and let's unite for Mama Earth..."), "Horses Don't See Colors (Like People Do)," a moving plea for racial harmony delivered with an infectious country flair, and the sweetly sung anthem, "I Found My Music," performed by teen Ashlie Cortez and viewable on YouTube.

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