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Go Go Games

Go Go Games

Spring 2013 Mobile Apps
Ages: 3 - 9 yrs.
Download Price: $1.99
Platform: iPad

A key to learning about the world around us is observation. Developing keen observation skills, and being able to identify more than one feature on any give object (the brown dog has three white paws) develops more easily in some children than others.

Go Go Games' developers have designed, and executed, a clear, simple, and playful way to build and hone these critical skills. The transportation-themed suite of games starts with a simple challenge (match the three cars as shown in the example of the train above) and becomes progressively and appropriately more challenging. Match the cars by their color and the cargo; options must be selected from three tracks , not two, and so on. The space theme requires matching the aliens' body and costume, from hat to socks, stripes to solid. The road game requires players to maneuver the truck or car past the matching road sign.

The screens are not cluttered; they show only the elements relevant to the challenge at hand.

There are no extra tricks or gimmicks to distract a player-learner from the objective. Praise comes at the end of the successfully completed challenge—as a celebration train (in the train games), a spaceship that flies through the sky, or a caravan of vehicles.

Go Go Games researched, designed, and developed this app specifically for children on the Autism spectrum. Although we genuinely applaud the thinking, we wholeheartedly encourage parents and teachers of children of all abilities and learning styles to add these games to their library of playful learning media.

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