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Chuggington: Traintastic Adventures

Chuggington: Traintastic Adventures

Spring 2013 Mobile Apps
Ages: 3 - 7 yrs.
Developer: Budge Studios
Download Price: $5.99
Platform: iPad

Customize your train and go for a ride in Chuggington's Traintastic Adventure. The incredibly popular show becomes a unique app here. Take time to watch the introductory video included with the app, as it will explain how to guide your train around tracks and add cars to it.

There is a lot of play value here. In Build and Play mode, children can move their selected train through an expansive 3D environment with a maze-like network of tracks. As they ride the tracks, children will encounter spinning circles that designate where flowers, trees, buildings, or streetlights ought to be placed. There are no time limits or set goals in this part of the app, and testers loved using this area of the app for free play. Parents loved the night mode option, which dims the app's lights and replaces the upbeat music with calm cricket sounds

There are four other levels, which are structured into specific challenges framed by a story from the television show. In Jet Pack Wilson, trains train to become action heroes. They strength train by filling up a cargo car with rocks, and learn to fly using a jet pack attachment. In Can't Catch Koko, speed is the goal, as the trains try to make on-time deliveries during the night shift. The other story-challenges are Braking Brewster and The Brewster Booster.

Traintastic Adventures is a unique app that will develop a young one's fine motor skills, maze solving abilities, and creativity. Though parents might download it originally for the familiar characters and stories, kids will want to keep playing it for the fun and rewarding gameplay.

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