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Sesame Street: Divorce

Sesame Street: Divorce

Spring 2013 Mobile Apps
Ages: All Ages
Developer: Sesame Workshop
Platform: iPad

With Sesame Street: Divorce, Sesame Workshop has created not just a resource, but a sense of community for families dealing with divorce. This free app, available both on iTunes and Google Play, is part of a larger initiative: Little Children, Big Challenges: Divorce.

The app includes a wealth of information and avenues of exploration to help parents assist their children (2 to 8 years) in dealing with the many emotions and questions divorce raises. This rich resource opens with four sections: Tell Me About Divorce, Questions Everywhere, Big Feelings and Support and Resources. Tapping on each reveals the often very difficult questions and issues a child must face, how to recognize and manage those feelings and additional resources available to families. A tap on any of the questions or issues reveals a sensitive, extremely relevant subset of videos, conversation starters, interactive activities and articles. There are supporting videos told in retrospective voice by Sesame Street's Abby Cadabby. Abby has made it through her parents' divorce confident of their love for her, and that positive message sets the tone of the entire app. This is a powerfully effective and compassionate resource representing solidly researched, genuinely useful tools that can help families move forward.

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