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The Tale of a Snowflake (Water Cycle)

The Tale of a Snowflake (Water Cycle)

Spring 2013 Mobile Apps
Ages: 3 - 9 yrs.
Developer: AppTalia
Download Price: $1.99
Platform: iPad

The Tale of a Snowflake teaches children about the water cycle by turning the process into a short narrative. A water molecule with a childlike voice narrates her journey from the ocean to the sky and back down to Earth as a snowflake. Children participate in the process; they move the sun around and cause water to evaporate, move condensed clouds through the sky; and shake snowflakes from clouds. When the snowflake falls, she explains that even this is not the last part of her journey. The circulation of water has gone on for billions of years, and it will continue when she melts and evaporates again.

Using this app, children will develop a thorough understanding of the water cycle. Second readings are rewarded, too. Returning to the app, readers will notice the vocabulary words defined in detail throughout it.

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