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Clifford Science Kits

Clifford Science Kits

Spring 2013 Toys
Ages: 3 & Up
Price: $19.99

The charm of Clifford the Big Red Dog will have children as young as three engaging in meaningful science activities. We reviewed three of The Young Scientist Club's Clifford the Big Red Dog Science Kits:

  • The Clifford Rainbow Science Kit comes with almost everything you need for rainbow fun, including: lab tray, measuring cup, test tubes, pipette, funnel, 3D glasses, crayons and a few other items.
  • The Clifford Kitchen Science kit is a fun introduction for preschoolers to scientific experimentation with kitchen materials. It comes with: test tubes, measuring cup, crystals, and several other items.
  • The Clifford Bubble Science kit offers activities kids can do with bubble soap. This kit included all necessary parts, including: 2 bottles of bubble soap, wands, pipe cleaners, foil, and plastic.

Our reviewers thought these kits were perfectly designed for introducing science to preschoolers. Not only do they provide nearly all necessary materials to complete each experiment, they also provide clear explanations of what happens in each one. The well-illustrated manuals will benefit parents and children. As one reviewer noted, "Sometimes I find it difficult to explain things on my child's level when it's something I 'just know'. The 'explanation' is the perfect tool to help me explain and elaborate on the experiment so that my son understands." Another remarked that the kit prepares children for what a science lesson in school will be like. "We begin each lesson talking about science, chemicals and really stress safety, then we do an experiment or two," she explained.

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