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Dot Jewelry

Dot Jewelry

Spring 2013 Toys
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: Klutz
Price: $19.99

The Klutz Dot Jewelry kit comes with everything you need to make custom paper bracelets and necklaces. This includes paper dots, glue, cord, a special dot tool, a clip to hold the cord, and an extensive idea book with templates, all contained in a book with an attached box. The design of the glue was ingenious. Styled like nail polish, it enables you to "brush" on the glue where it's needed, which prevented waste and a sticky mess. The dot tool was essential, too, as picking up the flat dots without it is tricky. The package neatly contains everything when it is time to store the kit.

The book is very helpful in sparking ideas for different jewelry designs, and there are ample materials for trying out different ones. It was a little frustrating to find a specific color or pattern dot since there are so many options. We recommend spreading out all of the dots on a large flat surface, if available.

The Paper Dot jewelry will appeal most to tweens who are not ready for expensive jewelry making yet, but who nevertheless want to develop their creative talents.

Ashby Heath   ©2013 Parents' Choice

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