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DJ Rock Dock

DJ Rock Dock

Spring 2013 Toys
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: SmartLab
Price: $19.99

Music and sound are all around us, but how often do we really think about how that sound comes to us? The DJ Rock Dock is more than a speaker set for iPods and smart phones, it is a science kit that teaches children about sound and electronics. The kit includes one circuit board, one audio plug, one set of speakers, one LED light, one on/off switch, two optional housing designs, and two sheets of double-sided tape. The manual, which is full of colorful illustrations and interesting photographs, explains concepts such as analog versus digital sound, electricity, measuring sound intensity, and how the various parts of the speakers work.

The kit is a fun, hands-on way to teach children about the science of sound. Best of all, the final result actually works.

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