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Charlie Sky Rider

Charlie Sky Rider

Spring 2013 Toys
Ages: 1 & Up
Manufacturer: Chicco USA, Inc.
Price: $39.99

Charlie Sky Rider is a brightly colored, small, four-wheeled scooter. This toy delighted the two-year-old and eleven-month-old children who played with it. A cheerful face decorates the front, and it has fun details like an ignition that makes a click noise when turned, a gearshift that shifts, and a propeller that can spin. It also has a secret compartment under the seat where children can stow small toys, a small handle bar for the rider, and a larger yellow handle on the back.

The toy can be ridden or pushed. Two-year-olds will take to riding it quickly. Our little pilot loved exploring the different sounds and accessories of the plane, and he enjoyed stashing toys under the seat. At age one, children can hold on to the back handle bars and push it around. Even if they cannot walk alone, they can practice walking and develop confidence while pushing this toy.

Parents found this toy safe and sturdy. It is wide and tough, and it does not easily tip over. It also works well for sibling playtime. One reviewer's toddler rides it while her infant holds on and walks behind it. She writes, "This game that they have created with the Charlie Sky Rider is teaching my toddler to be patient and cautious while his brother is learning to walk behind him."

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