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Animal Cottage Wood Sorter

Animal Cottage Wood Sorter

Spring 2013 Toys
Ages: 1 & Up
Manufacturer: Chicco USA, Inc.
Price: $34.99

The Animal Cottage Wood Sorter is a small wooden box in the shape of a pentagon. There are 5 different cutouts on the top for various shape blocks and 4 slots around the sides for animal shaped blocks. It is designed for children to determine which block goes into which hole based on the shape and color of the block.

The construction of the sorter and blocks is excellent. Its colors are eye-appealing, as are the animal shapes. There is a little 'door' attached with elastic to one side of the toy, which makes cleanup and setup quick. There is also a loop made of thin rope located at the very top of the box. This is great for carrying the box from room to room.

Children enjoyed the shape sorter and were excited when they placed a block in the correct slot. Parents can use the toy to teach shape and color identification.

Cassandra Bishop   ©2013 Parents' Choice
Cassandra Bishop holds a BA in Psychology and has her Master's degree in Social Work well within her grasp. The mother of two young and very energetic boys is passionate about the environment, healthy living, and education.

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