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Imagine I Can™ Sew Sweet

Imagine I Can™ Sew Sweet

Spring 2013 Toys
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: Manhattan Toy
Price: $20.00

The Imagine I Can Sew Sweet kit is designed to be a child's first sewing kit. Contained within a bright and colorful tin with a handle, the kit includes all of the materials needed to create four small stuffed items, including an owl, dog, butterfly and flower. These materials include: a sewing template, 6 sheets of felt, pre-cut felt shapes in a little bag, 3 colors of embroidery floss, assorted beads, a small bag of stuffing, and sewing needles, scissors and measuring tape in a little felt bag.

Users are intended to create small stuffed creatures, including owl, butterfly, flower, and dog, but the real purpose is to introduce sewing basics to young girls. When the four animals are complete, the tin can be used to hold other scrap materials and thread, along with the included tools and supplies.

Our tester's daughter enjoyed having a sewing kit of her own, like a grown-up. Given the number of materials (only enough to make 4 small items), there is limited opportunity to demonstrate creativity with the kit as it is. However, by introducing the basics of sewing, it opens up a lot of creative opportunities.

It is a perfect rainy day or quiet activity, and because of how basic the kit is and how easy the templates are to follow, it required only a few minutes of parental support (children needed help when learning to thread the needle and get started).

While other sewing kits are too childish (large, dull needles) or too advanced (requiring skills that an 8-year-old does not possess), this one is designed perfectly for the intended user. For an artistically inclined girl, the kit might even be accessible at age 7 or 6, provided there is more parental support.

Our tester's daughter is already talking about how excited she is to "mend" some of her stuffed animals that have holes, since she now knows how to properly use needles and thread.

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