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Loco Lingo Games

Loco Lingo Games

Spring 2013 Games
Ages: 3 & Up
Manufacturer: HABA
Price: $12.00

HABA’s suite of three Loco Lingo games provides parents with a fast, fun and effective way to help build language skills in young children who are ready to learn.

Loco Lingo Kindergarten is a fun learning tool for preschoolers. Using three character game pieces, cards with pictures of items found in a kindergarten classroom, and die, the games work on language skills including listening, vocabulary, and storytelling via sequencing of events. The instruction booklet clearly describes games for different skill levels. One tester family reported using the game to help a 5 year old improve retelling the events of his day. Using the characters and cards to create stories that happened throughout a kindergartener’s day, the family took turns retelling the story, focusing on the order in which the events took place. The silly stories had all players laughing and learning how to properly sequence the events.

Fastgrasp helps preschoolers work on listening skills, building vocabulary, and reaction times. The introductory game is simple: As the story is being read aloud, players rush to be the first to grab an object (game piece) they hear and recognize. The easy-to-follow instruction guide offers sample games and stories that can accommodate up to six players. Our parent testers enjoyed the challenge to get creative and vary the games to encourage kids to think in different ways.

Much like Fastgrasp, Building Site offers five fun word games. Children identify various tools, building materials and clothes that are used in construction. From being the first to grab the object mentioned in the story, to being the one who remembers which objects from the story are not in the pile of objects, the games all help build concentration, reaction times and language skills. Courtesy of HABA, parent game leaders enjoyed improving their vocabulary too: overalls are labeled a boiler suit and cement, as printed in German on the card, is spelled Zement.

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