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Dunecraft LED Light Cubes

Dunecraft LED Light Cubes

Spring 2013 Toys
Ages: 4 & Up
Manufacturer: DuneCraft, Inc
Price: $34.99

DuneCraft's LED Light Cubes are mini-garden sets for children that come with a terrarium, an LED light, a USB power cable for the light, seeds, dirt, and instructions. Each kit has a differently themed set of seeds. Options include carnivorous plants, mini-cacti, and a flower meadow.

Comprehensive instructions make terrarium setup easy. Once planted, seeds will sprout quickly, thanks to the powerful LED light. Children enjoyed watching their seeds grow, and the light allowed them to explore the effects of different color lights on plant growth. The light can be turned on and off directly, or it can be controlled via a timer. As noted in the instructions, plants have different light needs depending on their growth stage. Seedlings need blue light, and growing plants benefit from red light. After one month, children are encouraged to either use both red and blue light, or to experiment and see what effect each has.

Parents were happy to find an easy-to-maintain garden kit with rewarding results and a detailed and informative instruction sheet. They did wish, however, that the LED light cubes came with a wall adaptor for the LED light's USB power cord. As it is, the terrarium must be plugged into a computer or a separately-purchased USB wall adaptor.

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