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Spring 2013 Games
Ages: 8 & Up
Distributor: Popular Playthings
Price: $19.99

Ambiguity is a game that makes the brain squirm. The concept is simple—roll eight letter die, set the timer, jot down as many words as players can make out of the letters—but mastering the game isn’t easy. The letter dice are designed, as the game's title suggests, to be confusing. Many of the die faces represent more than one letter, and it's not immediately obvious what they are. Hint: the Letter Reference Guide in the game instructions is your friend.

Once the die land, players must mentally straighten and arrange them to see the letters accurately, and then match them up to other skewed letters to make words. Players are awarded a point for each letter in every word they write down, although matching words among players cancel out. Ambiguity will be a fun game for frequent word game players looking for a new challenge.

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