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What's It?

What's It?

Spring 2013 Games
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: Peaceable Kingdom
Price: $24.99

What's It is a guessing game in which players team up and play against a character called The Doodler, instead of each other.

The rules are basic. One player rolls a die to select the category, such as "You wear it" or "You use it." Then a Doodle card is flipped over and all players write down what they guess the doodle might be, according to the category. The Doodle is an ambiguous shape that can easily resemble something in any category. If the category for the round is "You wear it", depending on the shape of the doodle, players might guess it to be a scarf or a shirt. The idea is to match your guess to other players' guesses, because a team point is earned for each match. For each non-match, a point is given to the Doodler, and recorded on the dry-erase scoreboard. The objective is to beat the Doodler to the top of the scoreboard.

What's It reconfigures familiar game play into a cooperative game that is simple and fun. The cooperative aspect allows players to be competitive but with an imaginary party. No threat or hurt feelings, but all the enjoyment.

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