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Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown

Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown

Spring 2013 Television
Ages: 13 - 16 yrs.
Rating: TV G

Young kids looking for live, real animals in action will enjoy Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown.

The longtime animal expert offers a Top 10 format that makes it easy and compelling to follow along and categorize species while learning about them. There are discussions about environmental conservation issues, too, and even a funny blooper scene.

In "The Nose Knows" episode, Hanna travels to Brazil, Borneo and places in between to find a 7-foot anteater with an 18-inch snout, a tapir, a proboscis monkey, elephant seals and African elephants. The animals are hilarious. Their noses are huge, and it's a hoot.

Hanna's ease and charm is only put to the test one time, when he is seen strolling in Alaska right near brown bears, the largest carnivores in North America. But he's rarely ruffled and his calm demeanor and ever-present curiosity set good examples for viewers.

The show keeps moving at a fast pace and sometimes it feels as though Hanna is just a little bit hurried. But otherwise, it's a nature show that offers humor, a window to the world, and information all at once.

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