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Dinosaur A-Z Puzzle

Dinosaur A-Z Puzzle

Spring 2013 Puzzles
Ages: 3 & Up
Manufacturer: BeginAgain
Price: $30.00

The A-Z Dinosaur Puzzle is a wooden puzzle with 26 thick, colorful pieces, one for every letter of the alphabet. Children put the alphabet together to form a multi-colored dinosaur. The toy is very safe for young ones, as BeginAgain, the manufacturer, uses all-natural, non-toxic dyes.

Each puzzle piece is a different color with a letter printed on it, the capital letter on one side and small on the other. The pieces are made of very thick sturdy wood that is able to withstand the "wear and tear" produced by a very active four-year-old and a very tough two-year-old.

Although some of the letters are "out of order" in the final puzzle due to the shape of the dinosaur, children can still place the letters into the puzzle in sequence. Our reviewer used the puzzle pieces to practice letter sounds and even sound out simple words (cat, dog, etc...) with her four-year-old, and her younger son enjoyed sorting the pieces by color as he tried to fit them together.

Ines Horlacher   ©2013 Parents' Choice
Ines holds a Bachelor's degree in secondary Spanish education, a Master's Degree in secondary teaching and is currently pursuing an Administrator's endorsement on her teaching certificate. Married and mother of a five year old girl and a three year old boy, if Ines is not cooking, she's consumed by glue, glitter, and cotton ball crafts.

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