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GeoSafari Jr. Kidnoculars

GeoSafari Jr. Kidnoculars

Spring 2013 Toys
Ages: 3 & Up
Manufacturer: Educational Insights
Price: $14.99

Kidnoculars are sturdy binoculars designed specifically for kids. There is not a focus knob, so they are always ready to go for little people. If you have ever watched your child struggle to focus a pair of binoculars, then you will appreciate this feature. The Kidnoculars also have a "perfect fit" goggle type viewfinder, making it easy for even very young children to use. There is a strap, too, with a breakaway snap closure, making them safe for children to wear around their necks. If your child is running around with them around his neck and they get caught on a chair as he's running by, the snap breaks away and the binoculars fall to the floor. The designers of the Kidnoculars also included extra rubberized protection on the 'drop-points'. Even if your child frequently drops his or her toys, these binoculars will stand the test of time.

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