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Nancy B's Science Club AquaScope and Underwater Wonders Activity Journal

Nancy B's Science Club AquaScope and Underwater Wonders Activity Journal

Spring 2013 Toys
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: Educational Insights
Price: $34.99

The Nancy B's Science Club AquaScope, which allows children to see underwater, features a water-resistant housing, five times magnification, a built-in ruler (cm and in), a built-in thermometer (Celsius and Fahrenheit), and three LED lights. The Underwater Wonders Activity Journal is an eighteen-page book that leads children through a variety of scientific observations and experiments. It features clear instructions, colorful illustrations, and photos of a variety of fresh and marine organisms. The AquaScope and Activity Journal are both perfect for bringing along to beach vacations and lakeside camping trips.

Research has consistently demonstrated that girls are not encouraged as often or to the extent of boys in scientific and mathematic endeavors. Recently, that trend has begun to change as more girls are becoming engaged in these sorts of activities; and, this product is a great resource for any parents trying to get their children excited about science. The Nancy B's Science Club features women in science and introduces children to the important work that they are doing. Boys and girls alike can benefit from the scientific concepts introduced and honed by this product including creating and evaluating the validity of their hypotheses.

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