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SET Junior

SET Junior

Spring 2013 Games
Ages: 3 - 5 yrs.
Manufacturer: SET Enterprises, Inc.
Price: $13.99

SET Junior, a spin on the familiar version of SET, is a challenging board game for children ages 3 and up in which players must look at cards with different color items, shapes of items and number of items and determine if three cards make up a set. The playing board has a beginning side, which helps young players determine what a set is and is not, and an advanced side that allows for a faster-paced and more challenging and competitive game. The game comes with square tiles used to build sets and point chips to keep score. There is a fairly easy to understand instruction manual with examples of what is a set and what is not, along with rules for the game.

Reviewers were thrilled to find a game for young ones that challenges both parents and children. It might be frustrating for children, at first, but the game is structured to encourage learning. As there are two sides to the game board, families can start slowly and build toward more difficult matching and grouping skills. Parents may need this practice, too, as identifying sets quickly requires one to develop an intuition of what is and isn't a set, even after reading the rules.

SET Junior offers a rewarding challenge that grows alongside children's abilities. Our reviewers expect to play with the game repeatedly, and they reported looking forward to the day when their children can play the grown-up version of Set.

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