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Poetry for Young People: African American Poetry

Poetry for Young People: African American Poetry

Spring 2013 Poetry
Ages: 8 & Up
Editor: Arnold Rampersad
Editor: Marcellus Blount
Illustrator: Karen Barbour
ISBN: 9781402716898
Hardcover Price: $14.95

Part of the "Poetry for Young People Series," this rich collection of poetic works by African American writers spans 200 years and encompasses poets born into slavery, poets of the Harlem Renaissance, the Civil Rights era and beyond. The varied selections include "On Being Brought from Africa to America," by Phillis Wheatley, a slave in 18th century Boston; and "Songs for the People," by Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, born free in 19th century Maryland. Paul Laurence Dunbar, who died in 1906, is represented here by two works of contrasting mood: "We Wear the Mask" and "Dawn." Also among the nearly three dozen evocative works: unexpected, delicate haikus by powerful novelist Richard Wright; famed poet, playwright and novelist Langston Hughes' "I, Too" and "My People"; Alice Walker's "The Nature of This Flower Is to Bloom"; a rare poem ("Imagination") by renowned novelist James Baldwin, and Grammy Award-winner and Presidential Medal of Arts recipient Maya Angelou's "Caged Bird." Vividly illustrated in watercolor, ink and collage by Karen Barbour, the book includes context for the poems through biographical and historical information.

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