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Diego Rivera: An Artist for the People

Diego Rivera: An Artist for the People

Spring 2013 Non-Fiction
Ages: 8 - 12 yrs.
Author: Susan Goldman Rubin
ISBN: 9780810984110
Hardcover Price: $21.95

"When Diego Rivera arrived in Europe to study art, his appearance caught everyone's attention. 'I was twenty years old, over six feet tall, and weighed three hundred pounds,' he said."

Thus begins Susan Goldman Rubin's account of the life and work of Diego Rivera, world renowned Mexican painter and muralist. Rubin's carefully researched work introduces us to a child who taught himself to read because the adults had lied to him about how his sister Maria was born; she did not, as they told him, arrive in a package at the train station.

Rubin takes readers through Rivera's early interest and natural ability in art, his studies and his travels. Her beautifully and purposefully designed book shows how Rivera's passion for and commitment to his native Mexico developed and informed the style of his life's work. Rubin's clear and approachable biographical text is followed by a section about the history of Mexico, as referenced in Rivera's artwork, a glossary, source notes, and a list of where to see his work.

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