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Braver to be Kind

Braver to be Kind

Fall 2013 Music
Ages: 3 - 9 yrs.
Producer: Alaberry Music
CD Price: $11.98

Folk singer Terry A La Berry's songs are a mix of mild humor and positive, earnest message songs. Among the latter: the title track, encouraging compassion, kindness and consideration ("It only takes a second to ruin someone's day/but it takes a whole lot longer for the pain to go away") and "Idle American" ("I don't wanna be an idle American…like on TV"), urging children to accomplish, be and do. The former includes "The New Labradoodle Song" ("Why settle for just one when you can have the best of two") with puppy chorus; and "Sleep!" ("You gotta go to sleep"), a raucous, brassy anti-lullaby.

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