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B. TeePee

B. TeePee

Fall 2013 Toys
Ages: 3 - 8 yrs.
Manufacturer: B. Toys (by Battat)
Price: $35.00

The B. TeePee is an adorable, colorful tee-pee that includes a twinkling lantern that shines colorful stars on the tee-pee walls. The tent is large (the base is 39.5" x 39.5" and is just under 5' high) and is made of very durable and tough material. It includes a fun light which shines very bright and colorful stars in the tent. It is very easy to assemble with only 11 pieces, which also makes disassembly easy if need be. Kids can hang out in the tee-pee with the opening closed and gaze at the stars. They can use their imagination and hide-out, or invite others in to play. It is roomy enough for a few little friends, or for one little one to stretch out and have a special space all to his or her own.

Children were instantly drawn to the teepee's bright colors, and they loved the magical star light show inside. The teepee lets little ones have a special space all to themselves. Leaving the teepee up and open allows kids to play in the teepee as they please. The teepee might not have extended play at one time, but kids will come back to it again and again to experience the magical space.

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