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Laser Maze™ Beam-Bending Logic Game

Laser Maze™ Beam-Bending Logic Game

Fall 2013 Puzzles
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: ThinkFun Inc.
Price: $29.99

ThinkFun gets big kudos for exploring new technology applications in gaming. That's exactly what Lazer Maze, a fascinating and ingenious lights-and-mirrors puzzle game, does by combining a load of logic challenges with a little red laser beam.

The makers of classic logic and reasoning games like Rush Hour, ThinkFun is all about creating quality products with educational value. The results are never boring. Their newest puzzler Laser Maze comes with a plastic game grid, a game board with 25 grid slots and 11 game pieces that include the laser token, five target or mirror pieces, and two beam splitters.

Players position these pieces around the grid to solve each of the 60 challenges (beginner, intermediate and advanced). The goal is to direct the laser beam through a series of mirrors and beam splitters, past other components, to light up the target piece elsewhere on the grid. On one side of each challenge card is the challenge; on the other side the solution.

This great puzzler is about how light travels, aided or abetted by various optical components. Setting the light's course requires serious problem-solving logic. Laser Maze uses a red laser light for play, and when players figure out how to get that red light to solve the problem, it's a green light for thinking!

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