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Alpha B.tical

Alpha B.tical

Fall 2013 Puzzles
Ages: 1 - 5 yrs.
Manufacturer: B. Toys (by Battat)
Price: $18.99

There's lots to love about this sweet letter puzzle. The colors are beautiful and vibrant, the quality is superb, the illustrations found under each individual letter are precious, and it is all made with the environment in mind. Children will be eager to dump all the letters off and look at the pictures. Our twenty-two month old tester points to each one and says what the picture is (sometimes having to repeat after mommy).

Alpha B.tical holds kids' interest for a while, a fact that any parent of a busy toddler will appreciate. Parents can use the letters and pictures to teach children to match letter sounds, and it is a great introduction to letter recognition for them, too. Trying to get each letter into its given place on the board exercises fine motor skills, as well. Older children like our 5-year-old tester used the letters to make blends (ch, sh, ly), small single syllable sight words (hat, car, hair), and as a review for letter sounds. At a retail price of $18.99, Alpha B.tical is a beautiful, high quality toy with lots of play value.

Cassandra Bishop   ©2013 Parents' Choice
Cassandra Bishop holds a BA in Psychology and has her Master's degree in Social Work well within her grasp. The mother of two young and very energetic boys is passionate about the environment, healthy living, and education.

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