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DUPLO Jake’s Bucky Pirate Ship

DUPLO Jake’s Bucky Pirate Ship

Fall 2013 Toys
Ages: 2 & Up
Price: $39.99

Duplo's Jake's Bucky Pirate Ship is made of very sturdy plastic pieces, big enough for preschool hands. It includes 37 pieces along with bright and colorful graphic instructions for a young child to follow. Children are intended to follow the picture to produce the same scenes depicted, just as older children do with regular Legos.

Building toys encourage the use of fine motor skills as well as hand eye coordination and concentration, something that little ones need to continuously practice. The pictures shown with the Jake's Bucky Pirate Ship set are easy to follow and very bright and vivid, just like the pieces. This toy is perfect for kids who love to put things together as well as take them apart again.

Parents reported that this toy encouraged sharing and collaboration between toddlers and their siblings. Our 4-year-old tester wanted to use the pieces to build what they were intended to build, but our 2-year-old wanted to just put the pieces together and take them apart only to put them back together again. Eventually they started to work together and our 4-year-old even tried to teach her little brother colors by separating the pieces into groups. Their mother jumped on that and included shapes.

Once the pirate ship is complete, the finished product is appealing enough to be played with alongside other toys such as cars and dolls.

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