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Kurio Touch 4s Handheld

Kurio Touch 4s Handheld

Fall 2013 Toys
Ages: 3 & Up
Manufacturer: Techno Source
Price: $99.99

The Kurio Touch 4S is a unique device in the increasingly cluttered “electronic device” market. In short, this is an iPod Touch for people who prefer Android. It can handle all of the same tasks that an iPod can handle including playing games, using apps, playing music and videos, web browsing & internet (via built-in WiFi), taking photographs, recording videos, etc. Or another way to look at it is, it is an Android phone without the phone. It will do everything your Android phone will do except make phone calls.

The Kurio 4S is specifically designed for children, and it includes a child-safe interface that lays over the top of the Android operating system. Using this protected mode, you can create up to four accounts for your children and oversee which apps they have access to, and whether or not they’re allowed internet/web access. You can also set specific play times for the device to work, and decide for how long they are allowed to use it. As a parent, you can switch it over to parent mode at any time and have a full Android device at your fingertips.

The Kurio played videos smoothly and all of the games that we tried played without any issues thanks to a dual-core chipset and a reasonably good screen resolution.

It comes with a small assortment of included apps mostly geared for children, and users can access hundreds of thousand more via the various Android App markets. It also comes with a set of earbuds, charger cables and plug, and 8GB of memory expandable to 40GB with a 32GB Micro SD card in the available micro SD card slot. It has an external speaker for sound without earphones, and 2 cameras—1 rear facing and 1 forward facing.

The Kurio 4s is a unique handheld for parents who’ve already made some investment(s) in Android devices for themselves and already have a library of games or apps they’d like to take advantage of and now share with their children. Though this may be billed as a children’s Android handheld, this reviewer would buy one for himself as an Android device. At $99, less than half the price of the cheapest iPod Touch, it is priced right for the children's market.

Tim Leverett   ©2013 Parents' Choice
Tim Leverett is an entrepreneur living in Rochester, NY. Tim created the Giggles Computer Funtime For Baby Software Series and Club Toddler, and is considered an expert in children's media and software products. He is dad to an 11 year old boy and has many nieces and nephews spanning the ages of newborn to 19 years old.

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