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TINKERTOY: 100 Piece Essentials Building Set

TINKERTOY: 100 Piece Essentials Building Set

Fall 2013 Toys
Ages: 3 & Up
Manufacturer: KNEX Brands
Price: $44.99

If you remember playing with wooden Tinkertoys when you were a child, then you will be happy to introduce the new Tinkertoy: 100-piece Essentials Building Set to your family. The set contains a variety of plastic spools, rods, flags, washers, end caps, and more that can be snapped together to create anything you can possibly imagine. There is a wide variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. The pieces easily go together (even our 4-year old tester can play with minimal assistance). The set also includes several flexible rods that can be bent to create curved shapes. There are building ideas included that can be used as a guide for those who do not want to come up with a creation on their own. In addition, you can use these Tinkertoys in conjunction with any other Tinkertoy building set you may already own.

Our 4-year-old and 6-year-old testers cannot get enough of playing with this new addition to their toy collection. They have been building and creating simple structures on a daily basis since the box was opened. Their parents were delighted to see them putting their imaginations and creativity to use each and every time they use the Tinkertoys. Although the set came with a variety of building ideas, most children won't need them, as they will be happy to explore on their own.

Tinkertoys are a toy that any child will enjoy. Our only wish is that the toys had come in a plastic storage bin capable of weathering the frequent play of energetic kids.

Kelly Schaffer   ©2013 Parents' Choice

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