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Read With Me Scout

Read With Me Scout

Fall 2013 Toys
Ages: 2 - 5 yrs.
Price: $34.99

Read with Me Scout is a cuddly interactive plush toy which reads to and with children aged two to five years. By patting his head, kissing his cheek, or squeezing his paw, children elicit responses such as friendly phrases and songs. Parents can choose a setting that includes a story and several minutes of lullabies.

Scout comes with five easy-to-handle board books. Book 1, Let's Go Camping, focuses on patterns; Book 2, Let's Find Scout's Toy introduces narrative structure and concepts; Book 3, Let's Have a Party focuses on concepts such as color; Book 4, Let's Cheer Up Eli, teaches and practices rhyming; and Book 5, Let's Learn about the Weather, introduces reading as a means of learning.

When Scout reads to and with the child, he also asks questions. This encourages listening skills while honing reading comprehension. Especially in families where reading may not be a daily habit, Scout just may iencourage young children to make reading a habit and a joy.

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