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X9 Fire SUV

X9 Fire SUV

Fall 2013 Toys
Ages: 3 & Up
Manufacturer: Automoblox Co., LLC
Price: $45.00

As stylish and sophisticated as these cars are, they'll be equally at home on an executive's desk or the child's playroom floor. Solid, colorful, fun, and engaging, Automoblox cars are well-built, fun wooden cars that can be taken apart and rebuilt. The package describes them as 'fusing the character and durability of classic wooden cars with the vibrant elements of modern design to create a unique construction system that invites children of all ages to think and create in a three dimensional space.' We couldn't describe them better. This version, the X9 Fire SUV, is a larger version of "classic Automoblox.

The Police Car is complex enough for elementary age kids to learn from as they explore its parts, and simple enough for younger ones to enjoy using simply as a toy car.

Far from a straightforward toy car, the X9 Fire SUV's parts are interchangeable with the Automoblox S9 Police Car. Though the toys are expensive, Automoblox are versatile and offer miles and miles of play. They're beautiful enough to be displayed as a collectible item once children have outgrown them.

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