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Garden Stacker

Garden Stacker

Fall 2013 Toys
Ages: 1 & Up
Price: $29.99

The Garden Stacker consists of thirteen pieces. There is a base with two wooden rods connected to it in a vertical position. The additional pieces include a frog, a dragonfly, two gears, leaves, flowers, and shapes. These pieces are bright and colorful, and some are even textured. They all feature a hole and are made to be stacked on the rods. The pieces can be stacked in any order the child desires; there is no wrong or right way and the combinations are endless.

The Garden Stacker is a wonderful tool for children to practice their fine motor skills, problem solving and using their imaginations. It also promotes self-awareness and physical skills in general. The flower pieces can be used to teach the parts of a real flower, and all of the pieces can be used to teach color recognition. Toddlers quickly figured out that putting the large gears together make the stacks spin when the gears are turned.

Parents who prefer eco-friendly toys will be happy to know that this toy is made entirely from wood and water-based paints. The pieces are all sturdy and the learning value is great—the toy will have long term playing value in any home.

Cassandra Bishop   ©2013 Parents' Choice
Cassandra Bishop holds a BA in Psychology and has her Master's degree in Social Work well within her grasp. The mother of two young and very energetic boys is passionate about the environment, healthy living, and education.

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