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Razor Crazy Cart

Razor Crazy Cart

Fall 2013 Toys
Ages: 9 & Up
Manufacturer: Razor USA, LLC
Price: $399.99

The Razor Crazy Cart is a go-kart like driving and drifting machine. Children can drive it in all different directions, up to 12mph. It has a drifting mode that allows it to zig-zag sideways, diagonally, and spin completely around.

After charging for 12 hours, it ran steadily for about 40 minutes. Once our young drivers were seated and buckled in, off they went! Steering and maneuvering is intuitive, and it took our testers no time to figure out how to use the drifting mode.

As the cart goes up to 12 mph, proper safety equipment and adult supervision is highly recommended. The instruction booklet, complete with precautions, warnings, and recommendations is well worth worth reading. It goes without saying that the Crazy Cart should be used only in areas away from traffic and cars.

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