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Alphabet, Numbers, Colors & Shapes Wipe-Off® Bingo (T6601)

Alphabet, Numbers, Colors & Shapes Wipe-Off® Bingo (T6601)

Fall 2013 Games
Ages: 4 & Up
Price: $7.99

Wipe-Off Bingo is a set of three separate bingo games each targeting a specific preschool/kindergarten concept. Each game (alphabet, numbers, and colors & shapes) contains 8 two-sided bingo cards to accommodate up to 8 players at a time. A caller is designated to come up with and call out clues. The caller also has to track which items have been called by crossing them off with a dry erase marker on the calling sheet. As a clue is given, the players cross off matching items using a dry erase marker on their bingo card. When a pre-determined amount of items have been marked off, the player yells out "bingo!" Once the items have been checked by the caller, a winner is determined.

Each game can be played in a variety of ways to meet the needs of a variety of skill levels within a concept. For example, the alphabet game can be played by targeting letter recognition (caller simply calls out a letter) or targeting beginning sounds (caller calls out words and the player crosses off the beginning sound letter). The directions also contain additional "challenge" ways to play each game.

Our evaluator's children, ages four and six, played these bingo games many times. As there is a huge variety in the way the games can be played, they continue to engage players in learning important preschool/kindergarten concepts. Parents can play along with their children to enforce the importance of fairness and playing by the rules. Each time our evaluator tried to have a child be the caller, the child inevitably 'cheated,' as it was up to them to randomly pick a clue to give. Young ones may not yet have the self-control required to not look at the players' cards while calling out a clue, and parents will have to guide them.

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