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Yummiloo Rainbow Power

Yummiloo Rainbow Power

Fall 2013 Mobile Apps
Ages: 2 - 6 yrs.
Download Price: $1.99

An animated intro ushers children into Yummiloo Rainbow Power, a joyful app set in a delicious world constructed of colorful foods.

Gameplay is embedded in a simple story; the Rainbow Machine is broken, and players must work with Rooty to fix it. Children must feed colorful fruits and vegetable to the rainbow machine in order to power it up again. The narrator prompts them to feed, for example, yellow and orange foods to a cart from a fertile field. Rotten fruits and vegetables are fed to a compost bin. Though some of the foods, like butternut squash and golden raspberries, might not be immediately recognized by children, the narrator always announces their name aloud as they are picked.

Children will learn about all sorts of healthy foods by playing Yummiloo. They'll practice color recognition and matching, too. Yummiloo subtly teaches the lifecycle of plants, too. At the beginning of each collection scene, rain falls on the field where produce grows. The produce then grows from seedling to plant, with several stages of ripening shown on the way. For example, a fruit tree blossom morphs into a green apple, which ripens into a red one. Fruit rots and gets put into the compost bin, the contents of which are later used to fertilize the field.

A cheerful song rewards children when they complete the rainbow challenge. It carries a wise message: Just as the Yummiloo residents need a rainbow of foods to power their machine, "It takes all of the colored foods to power you."

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