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Ask en español

Ask en español

Spring 2014 Magazines
Ages: 6 - 9 yrs.
Publisher: ePals Media
Newsstand Price: $6.95
Subscription Price: $33.95 / 9 Issues

For families who speak Spanish at home, or who are working to build those language skills, Ask en Español is a great way to increase Spanish proficiency and spark conversation while learning about science in interesting ways. Finding Spanish-language magazines for children in the US can be difficult, especially ones that inspire curiosity in science.

Each issue is themed and features short articles combined with engaging illustrations and activities. Small cartoons and drawings around the edges of the pages help to lighten the mood and put information into humorous contexts. For instance, the 2013 November/December issue features an article about why birds sing ("Por qué cantan los pájaros?") complete with photos of birds alongside human language interpretations of their songs and calls, as well as cartoons of birds singing in funny ways. The following pages have a fantastic illustration depicting how animal sounds are interpreted differently in different languages

Occasionally however, as in the September/October 2013 about bones, there are labels that don't correspond to the pictures they indicate—kneecaps (rótulas) and ribs (costillas) are switched—and parents will need to clarify these for children. Other than those sporadic flaws, parents in any Spanish speaking family, or families with youngsters who want to improve their Spanish reading skills will be delighted with this Spanish-language option for their young readers.

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