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Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown

Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown

Spring 2014 Television
Ages: 13 - 16 yrs.
Rating: TV G

Zoo Keeper and animal expert Jack Hanna is a television favorite for good reason. His rapport with audiences and animals has enthralled the likes of David Letterman and the folks at Good Morning America for years. It was his vision and activism that brought attention to the need for conservation and helped transform animal enclosures at zoos from cages to actual habitats for the animals.

He's been hosting some form of animal show since 1981 and has culled together an impressive amount of footage from his travels all over the globe. Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown is a peek into the archives, with each episode representing a theme such as transportation or ancient animals or simply, teeth. Like a typical countdown, the show ranks the top 10 greatest encounters in the theme for a fun-filled half hour show. Although recommended for older viewers, the simple, fast-paced format holds more appeal to younger animal enthusiasts. It's apparent from some of the clips that many of them are quite dated, as "Safari Jack" can look strikingly different from clip to clip. Youngsters won't mind the rehash, but those looking for cutting edge conservation will be better served elsewhere.

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