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Little Children, Big Challenges: Divorce

Little Children, Big Challenges: Divorce

Spring 2014 Website
Ages: 2 - 8 yrs.
Publisher: Sesame Workshop

Sesame Workshop has launched a resilience initiative to support young children facing the challenges of major life transitions: in this instance, divorce. With major funding from BAE Systems among others, Little Children, Big Challenges; Divorce has been created as a multi-media resource kit available online and as a DVD. The Sesame Street DVD features a Muppet story about divorce and live action films in which real families share their experiences, a parent/caregiver guide, a children's storybook called Two Hug Day, a mobile app (Sesame Street Divorce app), a parent and caregiver's tip sheet, as well as optional webinars and online discussion sessions (the latter focused on military families). The url reviewed here is an online parental toolkit which contains all of the above as online resources within the website.

This is an ambitious project, sensitively executed with age appropriate introductions and suggestions for activities and shared discussion all aimed at reassuring children 2-8 that they are loved, and that their continued loving care and a hopeful future are assured. While we did experience a bit of disruptive buffering when utilizing the video portion of the online toolkit, it was a minor blip in the discovery of a rich resource of support and encouragement every family experiencing divorce should peruse. We can't imagine any parent not finding several new approaches and encouragement to share. Goal well met, Sesame Workshop; thank you.

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