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Jump Up and Rhyme with Mother Goose Club

Jump Up and Rhyme with Mother Goose Club

Spring 2014 DVD
Ages: Infant - 5 yrs.
DVD Price: $13.95

Jump Up and Rhyme with Mother Goose Club features costumed children and animated elements to present 20 music video sequences, most featuring well-known nursery rhymes. Program information says this DVD is aimed at children ages zero through five, but expect it to hold its strongest appeal for kids on the young preschool side of that range.

Costumed characters sing, dance, and pantomime actions with moves that are easy enough for little viewers to jump up and imitate. The live action characters are set against animated backdrops and in some songs those backdrops reinforce early-learning concepts such as letter, color and shape recognition. A bonus feature on the DVD, titled "About Us," explains additional educational content that guides the production, including enriching children's imaginations and providing opportunities to explore language. Another bonus feature includes a closed-caption option and the menu also allows users to select specific songs or play all of them as a continuous program.

Parents be aware, the pantomimes and dance don't break any new creative ground and the pedestrian musical arrangements certainly won't expand anyone's musical horizons so you might find Jump Up and Rhyme gets a little tedious for you after multiple plays. However, very young children will probably respond to the familiar songs, bright costumes, and bold graphic elements and will happily watch them again and again.

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