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Babar & Badou's Musical Marching Band

Babar & Badou's Musical Marching Band

Spring 2014 Mobile Apps
Ages: 3 - 8 yrs.
Developer: Cupcake Digital
Download Price: $3.99
Platform: iPad

Babar & Badou's Musical Marching Band is a new storybook/game app based on Jean de Brunhoff's classic and beloved Babar series. Although the storyline and artwork are very different from the 1930s beloved French children's books, the lessons and messages are age appropriate, clear and kindly presented.

Here, the Lord of the Rhinos is coming to the palace and everyone is busy getting ready for the festivities. Ambassador Crocodylus, jealous because of all of the enthusiastic anticipation for the rhino visit, decides to sabotage the event with a very sour, off key welcome song. When Badou realizes what Crocodylus is planning and knows Babar has already gone to meet the Lord of the Rhinos, he takes matters into his own hands and happily puts everything right. There are numerous options for interacting with the story. Quiet Read is just like flipping the pages of a paper book. Read & Play includes animated objects activated by touch on each page. In other options, Play has three games, one a search and find, another catch the falling banana and the last is an alphabet derby. Create also has three options: a coloring book, video sing-along and this reviewer's favorite, an image of instruments that creates sounds.

Kristin Harris   ©2014 Parents' Choice
Kristin Reiber Harris is an artist, animator and educator who has created over 50 short form animations with a focus on educational media for young children. Her work has been broadcast on HBO Family and screened in numerous film festivals around the country. She is currently developing interactive media introducing young children to great works of art through stories. Kristin writes about her interests in kids, art and technology at

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