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Dinosaur Puppet-On-A-Stick™, Set of 3

Dinosaur Puppet-On-A-Stick™, Set of 3

Spring 2014 Toys
Ages: 3 & Up
Manufacturer: Educational Insights
Price: $29.99

Each of the three colorful well-constructed hard plastic dinosaur puppets on a stick are easy for little ones to hold and manipulate. The puppets have two ways to easily control the dinosaur's jaws: a ball/pulley system at the end of the stick and a lever located on the back of the stick. Some of our young testers—who are deeply into a dinosaur phase—gave life to the puppets as characters in any and all dinosaur stories. The puppets prompted many questions about dinosaurs, and encouraged communication and vocabulary building. Others offered to give the puppets their peas, claiming a personal demonstration of sharing. They then learned that the material is easily cleaned with soap and water or even a wipe.

Pretend Play, Vocabulary Building, and Life Lessons - all on a stick. Fun, practical, and even educational.

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