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Treasure Trax

Treasure Trax

Spring 2014 Games
Ages: 3 - 5 yrs.
Manufacturer: USAopoly
Price: $19.95

Treasure Trax is a scavenger hunt game for children 3-6 in which players race to collect all their challenge cards and return to the starting point. This delightful age appropriate learning game is easy to set up, and fun to play and learn. And, because the can be played in a variety of ways, it's never the same game twice.

An adult chooses ten location cards, five search clues, and five animal cards, and sets aside one location card as a starting point where the next location card is hidden. Place a search clue card at the next location and hide an animal card near an object that corresponds to the search clue. For example, choose big brother's sneakers as the starting point, and place the card with the picture of the sofa in or under the sneakers. Somewhere on, around, or under the sofa, place a search clue card (a letter or color) and hide an animal card near something that corresponds to the search clue. You could place the orange search card on the sofa and hide an animal card under an orange pillow. Leave the next location card (bookcase or closet) there too. Our young testers had great fun finding a hippo in the closet and an alligator under the bed. The game includes 30 location cards, 18 search clue cards, 12 animal cards, a storage/gathering pouch and family friendly instructions. Gameplay encourages thinking, planning, letter and color recognition and vocabulary building. The giggles are a bonus.

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