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Mini Golf - Full Set

Mini Golf - Full Set

Spring 2014 Toys
Ages: 4 & Up
Manufacturer: PlanToys, Inc.
Price: $30.00

Ready for play inside or out, the Mini Golf set includes two child sized clubs, two golf balls, three challenge disks and one hole, complete with a flag. The set promotes turn taking, creativity, coordination and movement. It also encourages problem solving when, at some times, it was difficult to get the ball past the challenges and into the hole, players had to devise different strategies to sink their putts. Testers as young as four enjoyed setting up multiple combinations and courses.

Made from 100% eco and family friendly materials and processes, the components are beautifully designed and solidly constructed. The set comes with a canvas golf bag, just in case the tournament goes on the road - to Grandpa's.

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