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Poppy Cat: Birthday Treasure and Other Adventures

Poppy Cat: Birthday Treasure and Other Adventures

Fall 2014 DVD
Ages: 2 - 7 yrs.
DVD Price: $12.98

Parents who fondly recall their childhood pets—or, who see their own children bond with a beloved animal companion—will appreciate Poppy Cat: Birthday Treasures and Other Adventures. It's a collection of episodes (each runs about 11 minutes long) from the animated TV series titled The Extraordinary Adventures of Poppy Cat, which launched on PBS Kids Sprout in 2011; the TV series is based on the popular children's books by Lara Jones.

Poppy Cat follows the fanciful stories created by a little girl name Lara and each episode begins with Lara sitting down to read to her adored pet Poppy Cat. Then, the action shifts to the imaginary adventure, which stars Poppy Cat and a cast of animal friends.

In this DVD collection, Poppy Cat and friends figure out how to use a TV remote control to do battle in an episode titled Bad Robot. In another episode titled Bumble Fumble, the gang discovers an egg they believe was laid by a Bumblebird. Episodes also include a trip to Cheese Mountain and to a Marshmallow Mine and in the DVD's title story, Birthday Treasure, a gift includes a treasure map.

Kudos to the series' writers for including whimsical plot twists and taking the time to give each character distinct traits and dialogue. Children's television program line-ups are congested with lots of anthropomorphized animal stories but Poppy Cat stands out for its clever humor and ability to turn everyday events into inspired adventures. The seven episodes in Poppy Cat: Birthday Treasures and Other Adventures encourage imagination and stress cooperation, trust, and creativity as a way to solve problems.

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