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Allons Danser! (Let's Dance!)

Allons Danser! (Let's Dance!)

Fall 2014 Music
Ages: All Ages
CD Price: $14.99

Once again, Wistlefrtiz uses its winning formula to introduce language-learning through song. Native French speaker and vocalist Marie-Louise Desage and musician Didier Prossaird join together to perform on this lively 20-track CD. Adhering to the Whistlefritz methods, word-by-word translations are provided. Appealing songs and rhythms introduce beginning French words, numbers ("Un, Deux et Trois"), parts of the body ("La Tête, Les Épaules/Head, Shoulders") and a fun-filled versión of "Le Vieux MacDonald (Old MacDonald)" will have the basse-cour (barnyard) humming.

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