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Caillou Check Up

Caillou Check Up

Fall 2014 Mobile Apps
Ages: 2 - 5 yrs.
Developer: Budge Studios
Platform: iPad

Caillou Check Up - Doctor's Office is a series of eleven segments/chapters of interactive animations that detail eleven procedures common in a routine check-up. The first two segments, downloaded for free go over measuring the child's height and weight. The player is prompted to adjust the "ruler" for the height and slide the weights on the tops of the scales. Next a tongue depressor is selected from a group of tools and dragged into an illustrated mouth that opens. At this point a microphone appears, prompts the player to say "ahhh" and plays back the recording. Players guide the eyes as they follow a light and the eye chart test requires dragging letters onto the chart, and these cycle through what appear to be random changes. Other procedures include taking an oral temperature, looking inside ears, putting an antiseptic on a scratched elbow, listening to lungs, heart and stomach with a stethoscope, checking blood pressure, testing reflexes and receiving an injection. After the completion of each segment there are cheers, confetti and balloons - which seems a bit excessive to this reviewer, but could be helpful to those terrified of a doctor's office visit. The developers are very active in promoting their other products with a link to More Apps showing up in the middle of each segment.

Kristin Harris   ©2014 Parents' Choice
Kristin Reiber Harris is an artist, animator and educator who has created over 50 short form animations with a focus on educational media for young children. Her work has been broadcast on HBO Family and screened in numerous film festivals around the country. She is currently developing interactive media introducing young children to great works of art through stories. Kristin writes about her interests in kids, art and technology at

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