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Logic Dots

Logic Dots

Fall 2014 Games
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: Brainwright
Price: $21.99

Can you follow instructions and translate words into color patterns? The player selects one of 36 challenge cards (ranging from easy to difficult) and follows its series of clues/instructions to place each of nine cubes in the frame by lining up specific color dots in relation to the positions of other color dots.

The segmented cube-by-cube clues (such as "One teal cube is between two dark blue cubes" and "Place the pink cube directly in the middle"….) are designed to test your deductive reasoning and problem-solving skills. And the clear-plastic, removable, "window" pieces on each face of the frame allow players to flip the frame over as required by some instructions, adding to the perceptual challenge. Puzzle solutions are provided.

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