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Fall 2014 Games
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: Gamewright
Price: $23.99

Fun and different, Pyramix pits up to four players in a strategy challenge centered on a pyramid-shaped game made of 56 cubes. Each cube displays one of four symbols on its faces-the Ankh (worth 1 point each), the Crane (2 points), the Eye (3 points) and the Cobra (0 points). Each symbol also is one of four colors.

The goal: Each player takes a turn in removing one of the cubes from the pyramid and adding it to his or her cube collection. But there are some restrictions in how cubes can be removed and twists in how points are scored. For instance, the game ends when only "base" cubes remain at the bottom of the pyramid but any player ending up with the most Ankh cubes of one color takes all remaining base cubes of that color. And no cubes that have a face touching a cobra cube can be removed from the pyramid.

What's cool about Pyramix is that each new game starts with a random resetting of the 56 cubes, so each game is different. And, like in chess, the strategic thinking here requires looking ahead not only at your own upcoming moves but also at what your opponents might have in mind.

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