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Fall 2014 Audio Book
Ages: 8 - 12 yrs.
CD Price: $29.99

Teddy Fitzroy has the life. He lives at an animal theme park, FunJungle, where both of his parents work. It's also an ideal place to find trouble, which starts when Vance, the school bully, strong-arms Teddy into helping with a prank -- dropping a fake arm into the shark tank. When Teddy tries to make his way out of this one, he steps into something much worse.

Kazoo the Koala, and the star of FunJungle, is missing. And because Teddy is in the wrong place at the right time, he's the primary suspect. Teddy needs to find the real thief or face juvenile court and time is running out.

Narrator Gibson Frazier does a great job capturing the eccentric cast of characters. It's a delightful story to listen to. A fun, fast-paced whodunnit, in a colorful setting with plenty of interesting animal trivia as a bonus.

Teresa DiFalco   ©2014 Parents' Choice
Teresa DiFalco is an award-winning ghostwriter, writer, and mother in Vancouver, Washington. She's been a contributing editor for Parents' Choice for over ten years. She's a strong speller, a menace at badminton, and makes a decent soufflé.

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