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Little Red Rider

Little Red Rider

Fall 2014 Toys
Ages: 1 & Up
Price: $79.99

Little Red Rider is a well-made, wooden walker/ride on that can be pushed or driven via foot power. The elegant simplicity of its design makes this stylish two-part rider easy to assemble. The Rider is light-weight (great for carrying from room to room or indoors/outdoors) yet sturdy and stable enough to handle bumps in the road (playroom floor).

Our testers constantly added dimension to indoor play; they drove to the store, took a trip to the zoo, and packed special belongings in the "trunk" - just in case they spent and extra night at Grandma's. In addition to honing gross motor skills, balance and inviting creative play, the Riders prompted both expressive and receptive language; problem solving (such as discovering what fits under the seat, or testing its usefulness as a stroller without the baby falling off). In short, the social interaction was endless. Highly recommended.

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